The Challenge

The Challenge: In the demanding field of law enforcement, the efficiency of operations, especially during night-time, is critical. Traditional lighting solutions are often cumbersome, inefficient, and fail to meet the diverse needs of law enforcement activities, from DUI checkpoints to emergency response scenarios.

The Eversun Solution

The Eversun Solution: Eversun introduces the eTower™, a groundbreaking portable lighting solution designed to empower law enforcement agencies with unmatched flexibility, efficiency, and sustainability. Engineered for rapid deployment and exceptional durability, the eTower™ ensures that law enforcement professionals have reliable, high-quality lighting wherever and whenever they need it.

Features that Brighten Every Corner

Ultra-Portable and Rapid Deployment

The eTower™'s design prioritizes ease of transport and quick setup, enabling law enforcement units to respond swiftly to emergencies or set up operational bases quickly.

Exceptional Illumination

With 52,300 lumens output, the eTower™ turns night into day, enhancing visibility for surveillance, investigations, and public safety operations.

Sustainable Operation:

Dual quick-swap batteries and integrated solar charging reduce reliance on traditional power sources, making the eTower™ a green solution for environmentally conscious departments.

Advanced Connectivity

Equipped with Wi-Fi & BLE connectivity, the eTower™ supports modern law enforcement tools and communication needs, ensuring officers stay connected and coordinated.

Build a Brighter World with Eversun

Empowered by Innovation

Inspired by "Disciplined Entrepreneurship", Eversun's journey from an idea to a market leader underscores the power of understanding customer needs and innovating relentlessly. Our focus on market segmentation and iterative product development has allowed us to tailor the eTower™ perfectly to industry demands.

Navigating Market Dynamics

"Crossing the Chasm" principles have guided us in penetrating the mainstream market, ensuring our solutions meet the broad spectrum of construction challenges, from efficiency and safety to environmental responsibility.

Our Vision

At Eversun, we're not just lighting up construction sites; we're illuminating the path to a more efficient, sustainable, and connected world. Join us in this journey, where every beam of light from our eTower™ paves the way for a brighter, greener future.

Discover the Eversun Advantage

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