Redefining Portable Utility Infrastructure for DOT and Government Applications

In an era where efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity define success, Eversun’s eTower emerges as a pioneering solution for the Department of Transportation and various government operations. Leveraging breakthroughs in rapid infrastructure deployment, the eTower is designed to meet the dynamic needs of modern public works, emergency response, and infrastructure maintenance with unmatched ease and efficiency.

Ultra-Portable, Sustainable, Seamless

Crafted for the utmost in mobility and resilience, the eTower stands as a testament to innovation, offering a compact, sustainable alternative to traditional lighting and infrastructure towers. Its ultra-portable design, integrated solar IoT capabilities, and modular frame make deployment across diverse environments swift and straightforward, enabling agencies to illuminate and connect with unparalleled flexibility.

Empowering DOT Projects with Advanced Technology

- Efficiency in Deployment: Addressing common challenges faced in DOT construction and maintenance projects, the eTower's rapid deployment capabilities ensure minimal downtime and disruption, crucial for high-traffic areas and critical infrastructure work.

- Sustainability at the Forefront: With integrated solar panels and dual quick-swap batteries, the eTower significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with traditional lighting solutions, aligning with green initiatives and legislative mandates for environmental stewardship.

- Connectivity for Enhanced Operations: The inclusion of Wi-Fi & BLE connectivity transforms the eTower into a critical node within the IoT landscape, facilitating real-time monitoring, diagnostics, and control, essential for smart city and emergency response applications.

Strategic Partnerships and Pilot Programs

Eversun is at the forefront of strategic collaborations and pilot programs with leading government agencies and utility providers, including SoCal Gas and the Port of San Diego. These partnerships not only demonstrate the eTower’s versatility and efficiency but also its potential to redefine infrastructure management and public service delivery.

Join the Revolution in Portable Utility Infrastructure

Eversun invites government agencies, DOT contractors, and infrastructure specialists to explore how the eTower can transform your operations. Whether it’s enhancing safety at a roadside construction project, ensuring operational continuity in emergency scenarios, or contributing to sustainable development goals, the eTower stands ready to exceed expectations.