Transforming Creative Spaces with Light and Connectivity

In the fast-paced world of events and film production, the demand for versatile, eco-friendly, and innovative infrastructure solutions has never been higher. Eversun's eTower emerges as the quintessential tool for industry professionals seeking to push the boundaries of creativity and efficiency. Designed for adaptability and excellence, the eTower illuminates and connects production sites, event venues, and outdoor gatherings with unparalleled ease.

Eversun’s eTower brings a new dimension to lighting and infrastructure in the events and film industry:

Rapid Deployment for Dynamic Environments: Tailored for the agility required in events and film production, the eTower’s quick setup transforms any location into a fully functional stage or venue within minutes, ensuring that creativity never waits.

Green Technology for Sustainable Production: With its solar-powered operation and energy-efficient design, the eTower aligns with the industry’s growing commitment to sustainability, reducing the environmental impact of productions and events.

Enhanced Connectivity for Seamless Operations: Incorporating Wi-Fi & BLE, the eTower facilitates a connected environment essential for modern, tech-driven productions and events, enabling real-time communication and coordination.

Strategic Integration and Custom Solutions

Understanding the unique challenges of the events and film industry, Eversun offers bespoke solutions that integrate the eTower into existing workflows and setups. From outdoor concerts and festivals to film sets in remote locations, the eTower’s modular design adapts to diverse needs and scenarios, providing a tailor-made solution for every creative challenge.

Industry Acclaim and Transformational Impact

Praised by industry veterans and newcomers alike, the eTower has revolutionized event setups and film productions with its impactful design and operational efficiency. Testimonials from high-profile productions and leading event organizers underscore the eTower’s role in delivering enhanced quality, safety, and sustainability on set and at events.

A Call to Innovators in Events and Film

Eversun invites event organizers, film producers, and creative directors to explore how the eTower can elevate your next project. Whether it’s bringing sustainable brilliance to a night-time event, ensuring connectivity on a complex film set, or simply enhancing the ambiance of your creative space, the eTower is your partner in innovation.