Welcome to Eversun Equipment Rental: Home of the Revolutionary eTower

At Eversun, we're not just changing the game; we're redefining how industries access and utilize portable utility infrastructure. With our flagship product, the eTower™, your operations can now leap into the future of efficiency, sustainability, and technological sophistication.

Ultra-Portable, Sustainable, Seamless:

The Eversun eTower™ is the breakthrough in rapid infrastructure towers, designed for a world that demands agility and environmental consciousness. Born from a vision to revolutionize light, camera, and infrastructure towers, eTower™ stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation.

23' RIT eTower™:

Our Rapid Infrastructure Tower (RIT) is a marvel of engineering, offering 52,300 lumens of light output, integrated solar IoT, and a modular frame that packs down to less than 10 cubic feet. Whether you're in commercial rental, film production, police operations, or site services, eTower™ brings unparalleled flexibility and performance.

Strategic Partnerships and Pilot Programs

Eversun is at the forefront of strategic collaborations and pilot programs with leading government agencies and utility providers, including SoCal Gas and the Port of San Diego. These partnerships not only demonstrate the eTower’s versatility and efficiency but also its potential to redefine infrastructure management and public service delivery.

Join the Revolution in Portable Utility Infrastructure

Eversun invites government agencies, DOT contractors, and infrastructure specialists to explore how the eTower can transform your operations. Whether it’s enhancing safety at a roadside construction project, ensuring operational continuity in emergency scenarios, or contributing to sustainable development goals, the eTower stands ready to exceed expectations.